Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We spent Thanksgiving in Page this year.  I made two jello deserts, three pies and a vegetable bake.

Carminda (Dana's sister) set the tables nicely...

Carminda also made all of the girl cousins Thanksgiving shirts...

Olin and Lori with all of their kids and spouses...

We took a ride out to Alstrom Point.  I've been once before and forgot how long and bumpy the ride would be.  I got pretty sick along the way and was regretting my decision to go.  Being pregnant on that ride was not fun.  The view is breathtaking though.

Can you see Aiyana and Clara?

Lake Powell and Navajo Mountain

Friday evening, the family played Minute to Win It games.  I was bummed to retire for the evening, but after the four wheeling journey earlier in the day and two photo shoots, I was done.

Here's Clara and Carminda playing one of the games...

Gabrielle taught the girls some of the native hoop formations...




The girls wanted to do an eagle hug...


We also celebrated Thanksgiving out at Masani's house in Inscription House.  It was a beautiful evening and a beautiful sunset.

The girls with their grandma, Lori, and great grandma (Masani), Della.

Masani had a lot to say to the girls.  Earlier in the evening she smiled and called Clara awee' which means baby in an endearing way.  I tried to record their goodbyes.  Masani said "I love you" in Navajo.  She smiled and laughed when she heard the girls say "I love you too" in unison.

On the last evening, Lori pulled out all of her jewelry and wanted the family to take turns picking pieces. The process brought tears to my eyes, but the look of joy on her face, seeing each family member choose and admire her jewelry, was something I'll never forget. We chose some pieces that were gifts from Masani and very old pieces as well. Many of the pieces, we will hold on to until the girls are older. We know our time with their grandma, my husband's mom, is limited, but we hope and pray for her to stay with us longer.

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