Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

This year, we had Christmas Eve at our house.  My mom and Tom, my dad and Adrianna and Dana's brother Travis and wife Karen came over.

The girls with my dad and Adrianna...

The girls with my mom and Tom...

Christmas morning...


They were so excited to start opening...

Stockings first...

Dana got me some Vionic slippers and they are so comfy.  The girls and I match now.

Enjoying one of her presents...

Tempe Dance West's Christmas Recital | 2015

We are so proud of these girls.  Aiyana and Clara had a lot of family come to support them this year in the TDW Christmas Recital.  Aiyana danced in 7 numbers (4 jazz, 2 ballet, 1 tap) and Clara  danced in 5 (3 jazz, 1 ballet, 1 tap).

Those that came to watch...

Dana and I
Nana and Tom
Grandpa Timmerman and Adrianna
Grandma and Grandpa Cummings
Aunt Carminda and Cousin Grace
Don, Nicole, Gabrielle, Andrew and Alexa

Clara & Seyla waiting back stage for their turn to dance.


Clara with some of her company class friends, Sophia & Lexi.

Gemma, Aiyana & Isabella.

Isabella, Gemma, Aiyana & Emma.

Clara, Melia & Seyla.

Backstage pretties.

The starburst company class ready to go on stage.

Hanging out with the older girls.

A side stage shot of Aiyana performing her ballet II number, Mother Ginger.

The girls with Mr. Michael.

The girls with Nana.

Our family...

Shining Stars Company Class
"All I Want for Christmas is You"
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Aiyana starts in the third group, right side.  Moves to the far left side, front row)

Jazz II
"Sleigh Ride"
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Aiyana starts in the back of the group and moves to the left side, second row)

Starbursts Company Class
"Jingle Bell Rock"
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Clara is on the left side)

Ballet II
"Marshmallow World"
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Aiyana is on the far left side, back row)

Ballet I
"The Nutcracker" Chinese Variation
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Clara is center, back row)

Ballet II
"Mother Ginger"
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Aiyana is on the far left side)

Tap II
"You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch"
Recorded at Rehearsal (I was only able to record the first half of the dance)
(Aiyana and Clara are on the left side)

Jazz I/II
"Carol of the Bells"
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Aiyana and Clara are on the right side)

Company Group Number
"Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
Recorded at Rehearsal
(Aiyana is in the front and center, Clara is in the back to the right of the frame)

Thank you to all of the family that came to support them this year!