Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grading Period One - Poem Recitals at School

Today the girls recited their poems at school.  This was Clara's first attempt at reciting in front of her class, her teacher and the parents.  She clammed up and didn't want to do it so I'm happy that I grabbed a video at home while she was practicing.  Many of the kids were crying so the teacher said she will try again later in the day.  Hopefully Clara will be more open to the idea without all of the parents in the classroom.  Here's Clara reciting her poem...

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America,
And to the republic for which it stands,
One nation under God, indivisible,
With liberty and justice for all.

UPDATE:  Clara did her poem the following day and I was able to watch and record her.

Here's Aiyana reciting her poem, called 'Planting'.


I took a little seed one day
About a month ago.
I put it in a pot of dirt,
In hopes that it would grow.
I poured a little water
To make the soil right.
I set the pot upon the sill,
Where the sun would give it light.
I checked the pot most every day,
And turned it once or twice.
With a little care and water
I helped it grow so nice.

Seeing all of the kids upset and scared reminded me of how it went in Aiyana's kindergarten class two years ago.  I remember feeling bad for the kids that were so scared to recite their poems.  I included a video of Aiyana reciting her first poem in Kindergarten.  Wow... Watching this video really put the years into perspective.  She has grown so much!  The first poem she had to recite was much more difficult than what the kindergartners were given this year.  I remember thinking that Aiyana wouldn't even be able to pronounce some of the words.  She just turned five when she started school.  I recorded this with my cell phone so the sound is not good.  You can hardly hear her, but she recited it flawlessly.   Here she is...


Mission Statement

______ ____________ School's mission is to provide
motivated students with the opportunity to
achieve academic excellence in an accelerated
back-to-basics safe learning environment taught
by caring, knowledgeable and highly effective
educators in cooperation with supportive,
involved parents.

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