Friday, December 19, 2014

Tempe Dance West's Christmas Recital | 2014

Last night's Tempe Dance West recital was a success.  Aiyana danced in 6 dances this year and I am proud to say that she didn't miss a beat. She did so good! Clara danced in 3 dances, which is two more than she did last season. I am so proud of her because she's become quite the little dancer. Each season I see her getting better and better.

Here Comes Santa Claus | Santa Claus is Coming to Town ~ Beginning Jazz (Aiyana)

Aiyana starts in the front row, second to the left.

Here's Aiyana's tap dance to "Hot Chocolate". If I could bottle these kids up and have them do one dance together every year, I would. They really work well as a team. The boy in their dance is a blast in tap class. He LOVES dance and it was so neat to watch him walk off stage and shout "that was so much fun!" The kids really enjoyed this dance and it showed on stage.

Hot Chocolate ~ Beginning Tap (Aiyana)

Aiyana is on the far right side...

Merry Christmas Polka ~ Beginning Ballet (Aiyana)

Aiyana is on the left side (middle) in this dance...

Jingle Remix ~ Beginning Hip Hop (Aiyana & Clara)

Clara is about three in on the left and Aiyana is about three in on the right...

Here's some pictures and a video of Clara's tap dance to "I'll be a Little Angel for Christmas". Clara was super excited to perform this dance on stage. She really enjoys her combo class at TDW and with only one more season of combo she's working her way into the big kid classes. She's learned so much this season and I am so proud of how well she performed last night. She did all of her steps exactly how they were practiced.

Clara is the second one in on the far left...

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer ~ Beginning Acro (Aiyana)

Aiyana starts in the front on the right side (a few kids in)...

Five More Days 'till Christmas ~ Beginning Jazz ages 4-6 (Aiyana & Clara)

Super bummed that you can hardly see Aiyana or Clara in this dance because they both did so good.  Aiyana is in the back on the left (about 6 kids in) and Clara is on the right (about 4 kids in).  This was one of my mom's favorite dances.

Aiyana with her friend Alicia who came to watch the show.  Grandma and Grandpa Cummings, Nana and Aiyana's first grade teacher were all there as well.

Both of the girls received bouquets after the first show...

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