Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Break Vacation | Part 2

On Sunday we headed to the Chiefs verses 49ers game.  Dana was super pumped about the game.  My brother is a big Chiefs fan.

Me with my adorable nephew, Mason.

I set my camera timer and grabbed this shot before we headed out for the game.  Mary had sitters lined up for the kids and they had a blast while we were gone.

My brother...

The kids were having a pillow fight before the sitter arrived...

I didn't take my good camera to the game so all of these images were taken on my iphone.  The fog never ceases to amaze me in in San Fran.

Getting ready to ride the light rail to the stadium.

Several others had the same idea.

A doctor that Mary works with provided us with two of our tickets.  They had a pretty cool tailgating party beforehand with lots of yummy food too.

It was hot, hot, hot... and more hot.  The sun is so strong in California. I baked in the stands for the first quarter and then I sought out shade until the third quarter started.

That night Zach was having fun with the kids...

My mom wanted some pictures of their cat, Bonnie, so she could draw her.

She sure is a pretty cat...

On our way out of Novato we stopped at the Jelly Belly Factory and took the tour.  We bought entirely too many bags of belly flops. You know... the ones that don't make the final cut.

Then we headed for Lake Tahoe to break up the drive home.  We stayed one night at the Marriott and had a wonderful time touring the area.

We took a walk down to a beach and enjoyed the view and the park.

I took a little break and enjoyed a fresh tomato, basil and pesto salad while Dana hung out with the girls at the park.

The kids had fun playing.

We all took in the beautiful sunset over the lake...

I loved that there were hints of fall everywhere...

The hotel that we stayed at had a kids center so we checked the kids in while we loaded up the car.  They had fun painting and climbing their faux rock wall.

The next morning we drove to Emerald Bay to get a different view of the lake.

The girls were being their normal silly selves.

This guy came along and started singing.  Clara decided to join him and he thought that she was just adorable.  We think so too.

The following morning we headed out of Tahoe and stopped at this lovely and quaint breakfast cafe.  I had a southwest brown rice and scrambled egg breakfast bowl.  It was delicious.

By the time we hit southern Nevada it was getting dark out.  It was a blood moon night, but I didn't know it when I took this picture.

Instragram edit on a cellphone picture...

I didn't get out my good camera in Vegas.  We arrived late at night, but we decided to take the girls down the strip to check it out from the comforts of our car.

The next morning, Dana took the girls to the pool.  They were so anxious, they were pacing while waiting to go.

After their swim, we headed out of the hotel and went to the Bellagio to have breakfast at the crepe bar.  I couldn't eat a crepe, but I could eat some of these decadent treats.

Clara waiting very patiently for her food...

We had a wonderful time and I feel very blessed that I am able to enjoy fun trips like this with my family.  It was nice to get out of the routine of school, dance, voice lessons, photography and homework and just enjoy each other.

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