Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tempe Dance West | 5th Annual Dance Recital

 Tempe Dance West had there 5th Annual Dance Recital on Sunday.   The girls both did so good.  I am super proud of them.

Aiyana and her bestie, Makenzie.

Clara and her bestie, Seyla. 
I give up on forcing this girl to smile ha, ha.  She has this amazing sense of humor, but smiling on demand is not her forte.

Some of Tempe Dance West's younger dancers...

Clara and Seyla enjoying the rehearsal...

Alicia (Aiyana's dance instructor) showing the girls where to stand during rehearsal...

"King of New York" 
(Aiyana's tap dance)

Aiyana mid cart-wheel...

Clara with an old dance friend, Mylah.  They were waiting, backstage, for the show to get started.

"Five Foot Two" 
(Clara's tap dance)

Alicia walking the girls to the other side of the stage...

(Aiyana's ballet dance)

The dance videos were taken during rehearsal so this was the first time they practiced on stage. Some kids were not in full costume and some were not present. 

"King of New York"

Aiyana is the fourth from the left at the beginning of the dance.  She is the first one to do a cartwheel, on the left side, in the middle of the dance.  At the end, she is on the right side of the stage.

"Five Foot Two"

Clara is the third one from the right...


Aiyana is in the front and on the left side in the beginning of the dance.  She's the third from the left in the middle of the dance.  At the end, she runs off on the right side of the stage. There were a few hiccups during rehearsal, but the girls performed flawlessly for their actual performance.  Again, this is rehearsal...

After the show...

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