Monday, May 5, 2014

School & Soccer

Aiyana is almost finished with kindergarten.  I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone!

Last week was spirit week and the kids got to dress up in something different each day.  Aiyana wore a Rapunzel dress on super hero day.  You can see from the picture that she wasn't too sure about wearing her dress up clothes to school.

For retro day she wore a flowered headband for the 1970's look.

Soccer has been going great for the Pink Penguins.  They have won more games than they have lost and the girls are getting better and better.  Aiyana scored her first goal on Saturday and it was an impressive goal to boot.  She took the ball all the way from one side of the field to the other and the other team couldn't even keep up with her... She had the ball the whole time and kicked it in the goal with all of that momentum.  I really wish I would have gotten it on camera, but I was coaching so I guess the memory will have to carry on through our stories about it ;o).

Aiyana has been practicing backbends all on her own.  She's really determined to keep challenging herself in dance.  I love to see her motivation.

Aiyana reciting her poem before she goes to school and does it in front of her class.

Clara showing off her phonogram skills.  She's been picking up the letter sounds by watching Aiyana when she does her homework.  Clara knows all of the single letter sounds now and some of the two letter sounds.

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