Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I had a fabulous Mother's Day.  Dana took the girls shopping and they each picked out some jewelry for me.  Aiyana got me turquoise gem earrings and a very fancy disco ball looking necklace encrusted in a rainbow of gems.  Clara got me a cream and brass colored chunky necklace and a mustard beaded bracelet with rhinestones (as seen in the picture below).

We spent the evening at my mom's house and had tacos for dinner.

Aiyana also planted a flower seed for me at school.  I gave her a hug for the thoughtful card and gift and we both bumped arms and knocked the dirt out of the pot :o(.  I don't know if we managed to collect the seed, but we sure tried.  The dirt and, hopefully, the seed are re-planted in a new pot at home. The whole incident reminded me of the time I tried to leave flowers on the porch for my mom on a windy day.  I had made a basket of flowers at school and I was SO excited to surprise my mom with them.  I got off of the school bus and held on tight to my basket/flower creation until I got to the front door of our house.  I set them on the porch with pride and knocked on the door,  Then I ran to the side of the house.  The next thing I knew... My handmade flowers were blowing everywhere.  I remember my mom opening the door to me crying and there was nothing left on the porch.  I'll have to ask her if she remembers that?

Clara painted a sandstone pot for me at preschool and planted a dainty little flower in it.  It is super cute.  Both pots sit on the kitchen window seal.  I have such wonderful daughters. I am so blessed.

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