Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clara & Preschool

Clara had her last day of preschool today.  She will take a summer break with Aiyana and then return to preschool, for one year, when Aiyana starts first grade.  I can't believe how quickly this last day snuck up on us!  I wasn't too sad about her leaving because I know that she will be back when the next school year starts.  Clara LOVES school and I really like the preschool that she attends.  The teachers there are wonderful.

 Clara with her teacher, Ms. Jill...

We also got her preschool pictures today.  This is a scanned copy of the original so it's not the best quality.

Clara's teacher also made her a farewell gift.  It is a picture of Clara's hands and it has a quote that says this...

Who knows the
bright secrets
your ten fingers
hold; the talents
still hidden
adventures untold.
The world is
awaiting the
wonders of you
for no one can
copy what these
hands will do.

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