Thursday, May 15, 2014

Aiyana's Kindergarten Graduation

Aiyana's kindergarten graduation was today.  Her school put on a very touching event for the kinder graduates.  They started with a processional, then the principle gave a speech and the kids sang two songs, The Star Spangled Banner and a song about being a first grader.  We have most of the video recording on our camcorder, but we did record a small clip of the recessional so I could include it in this blog.

Singing The Star Spangled Banner...

So adorable...

The boy sitting to the right of Aiyana is Rueben.  At one point in the school year Aiyana said that he was her "boyfriend". I found out that he had a perfect attendance and was on the Principle's Pride list for academic excellence.  I guess if she's going to have a boyfriend at such a young age... She picked a good one.

Recessional (she had her super shy face going on)...

Recessional clip...

I loathe gym lighting so I turned some of these into black and whites to avoid color correcting everything.

Grandma and Grandpa Cummings were there too...

...and Nana

Aiyana with her friend Delilah.  They have been friends since kindergarten started.  Delilah gave Aiyana a graduation balloon and a gift.  Such a sweet gesture.

The Three Amigas... 

Delilah, Alicia & Aiyana.  They hit some teen-like rough patches in the beginning of the year, but they remained friends through it all.

Aiyana's teacher, Ms. Sackett.  Bless her heart... It was her first year teaching and she put up with all of my crazy e-mails.  We couldn't have asked for a more patient and caring teacher.  Aiyana wanted to give her a gift so we went to the store and she picked out earrings for her and then she made her a card that said "Thank you for helping me" on the front and "Thank you for being my first school teacher" on the inside.

She's officially a first grader!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I had a fabulous Mother's Day.  Dana took the girls shopping and they each picked out some jewelry for me.  Aiyana got me turquoise gem earrings and a very fancy disco ball looking necklace encrusted in a rainbow of gems.  Clara got me a cream and brass colored chunky necklace and a mustard beaded bracelet with rhinestones (as seen in the picture below).

We spent the evening at my mom's house and had tacos for dinner.

Aiyana also planted a flower seed for me at school.  I gave her a hug for the thoughtful card and gift and we both bumped arms and knocked the dirt out of the pot :o(.  I don't know if we managed to collect the seed, but we sure tried.  The dirt and, hopefully, the seed are re-planted in a new pot at home. The whole incident reminded me of the time I tried to leave flowers on the porch for my mom on a windy day.  I had made a basket of flowers at school and I was SO excited to surprise my mom with them.  I got off of the school bus and held on tight to my basket/flower creation until I got to the front door of our house.  I set them on the porch with pride and knocked on the door,  Then I ran to the side of the house.  The next thing I knew... My handmade flowers were blowing everywhere.  I remember my mom opening the door to me crying and there was nothing left on the porch.  I'll have to ask her if she remembers that?

Clara painted a sandstone pot for me at preschool and planted a dainty little flower in it.  It is super cute.  Both pots sit on the kitchen window seal.  I have such wonderful daughters. I am so blessed.

Clara & Preschool

Clara had her last day of preschool today.  She will take a summer break with Aiyana and then return to preschool, for one year, when Aiyana starts first grade.  I can't believe how quickly this last day snuck up on us!  I wasn't too sad about her leaving because I know that she will be back when the next school year starts.  Clara LOVES school and I really like the preschool that she attends.  The teachers there are wonderful.

 Clara with her teacher, Ms. Jill...

We also got her preschool pictures today.  This is a scanned copy of the original so it's not the best quality.

Clara's teacher also made her a farewell gift.  It is a picture of Clara's hands and it has a quote that says this...

Who knows the
bright secrets
your ten fingers
hold; the talents
still hidden
adventures untold.
The world is
awaiting the
wonders of you
for no one can
copy what these
hands will do.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fifth Soccer Game | Laveen Soccer

The Pink Penguins had another winning soccer game.  They played awesome today and I am so proud of all of them.  Aiyana got her second and third goals for the season.  She was on fire today.  I didn't coach this game so I was able to sit out and take some pictures again.  Both my mom and my dad made it to the game today so it was nice that the girls had their Nana and Grandpa Timmerman there to cheer them on.

Leah coaching and her oldest daughter, Gemma, throwing the ball into the game.

Aiyana is ready to throw the ball onto the field...

A few players on the other team liked to grab our team's shirts when we were running ahead of them.  It was a bit irritating, but as you can see... Aiyana managed to trip one of the other players.  Ooops :o/

Clara ran around on the field for a little while.  She doesn't care much for the heat though.  It amazes me how there is such a difference in the level of involvement between our five and four year old players.  Looking back, I remember Aiyana not really participating in soccer that much.  In fact, that's why we took a couple of seasons off.  We assumed she wasn't going to like the sport, but boy were we wrong.  She LOVES it now and she is doing really well.  So it will be exciting to see these four year old's start to get the idea of the game and, eventually, play more competitively. I almost think that the four and five year olds should be separated.  I also feel like there is a level of discouragement in the younger age group because they cannot compete with the five year olds.  So instead they prefer to sit on the sideline and eat snacks ha, ha.  Little stinkers!


Shayla, Clara and Seyla going for the ball.

Our little four year old Penguins waiting for their instruction on the field.

Ayiana and Gemma are in sync...

Gemma, Shayla, Aiyana and Tessa...

Clara and Seyla relaxing in the shade...

Oh girls...

Gemma ready to give the ball a big kick...

My mom caught this shot of Aiyana's second goal...

Team bridge...

Monday, May 5, 2014

School & Soccer

Aiyana is almost finished with kindergarten.  I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone!

Last week was spirit week and the kids got to dress up in something different each day.  Aiyana wore a Rapunzel dress on super hero day.  You can see from the picture that she wasn't too sure about wearing her dress up clothes to school.

For retro day she wore a flowered headband for the 1970's look.

Soccer has been going great for the Pink Penguins.  They have won more games than they have lost and the girls are getting better and better.  Aiyana scored her first goal on Saturday and it was an impressive goal to boot.  She took the ball all the way from one side of the field to the other and the other team couldn't even keep up with her... She had the ball the whole time and kicked it in the goal with all of that momentum.  I really wish I would have gotten it on camera, but I was coaching so I guess the memory will have to carry on through our stories about it ;o).

Aiyana has been practicing backbends all on her own.  She's really determined to keep challenging herself in dance.  I love to see her motivation.

Aiyana reciting her poem before she goes to school and does it in front of her class.

Clara showing off her phonogram skills.  She's been picking up the letter sounds by watching Aiyana when she does her homework.  Clara knows all of the single letter sounds now and some of the two letter sounds.