Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dancing with the Saints | Vineyard Ward

 Last night the girls performed at our church dance show called "Dancing with the Saints".  They danced to the song "Dancing in the Show Tonight" from last spring's dance recital at Tempe Dance West.  Four of the six girls performed the dance in the show last year and two of them joined us to do it this year.

L to R: Clara, Mylah, Tyler, Gemma & Aiyana (missing Seyla)

Dana performed a Native American grass dance as well.

Dana, Aiyana & Clara...

The girls did pretty good considering they only practiced once, all together, and the song was a longer version of what they did last year... hence the confusion at the end.  I couldn't figure out how to shorten the song and get the up note at the end for their cue to end the dance so I left it long.  I probably should have figured out how to shorten it so they weren't all over the place a the end... ha, ha.  They are cute!

I was proud of Dana, he hasn't done any Native American dancing in over two years plus he had a kink in his neck last night, but he still performed and did well.

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