Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trip to Page | Cummings Family

We made a trip up to Page this weekend for my niece, Gabrielle's, baptism and 3 family member's birthdays.  Almost all of the Cummings clan made it for the occasions so naturally, pictures were in order.

There are 19 grandkids total and one great grandkid on the way.  We managed a picture with 18 of them, right after Gabrielle's baptism.  The kids are lined up from youngest to the oldest (Clara refused to stand on the left side of Kellen so they are out of order).  The oldest grandchild, Keali, is missing from the photo. 

...then we attempted a family photo.  This is us trying to organize ourselves.  This photo cracks me up.  Karen looks like she is saying "they can't get it together so just take a picture of me".


Missing from this photo is the youngest Cummings sibling, Chris, Sam's wife Emmy (at work) and Keali.

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