Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tempe Dance West & The Laveen BBQ Festival

Clara's dance class performed at the Laveen 62nd Annual Pit BBQ (Aiyana's class didn't perform).  Here are the girls with some of their friends...

(L to R: Clara, Aiyana, Gemma, Tyler and Seyla)

Clara twirling around and dancing...

My mom took this photo of Clara just before she got on stage.

Clara's class performing.  The girl in the middle didn't get a costume last week so she had to wear one from the other class.

"Five foot two... Eyes of blue... But oh! what those five foot could do... Has anybody seen my girl?"

Aiyana was very good about letting her sister have the spotlight.  My mom took these pictures of her hanging out outside of the venue.

Such a sassy thing...

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