Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our Last Days in Colorado | Days 5 & 6

We decided that since it was so close to Clara's birthday, we should celebrate with the Cummings family while we were all together.

Here's Clara putting the sprinkles on her cake...

Clara LOVES the color blue so, of course, we needed to get blue frosting.  Since there were 27 people at the cabin, I also made a gluten free vanilla cake.

That afternoon we headed to Pagosa Springs to jump in the hot springs.  This is the view from the building looking over the springs towards the San Juan River.

The springs have various hot water baths that are anywhere from 88 degrees to 111.  It smells of sulfur, but it's very relaxing to sit in them.  If you were to use the springs properly, you should go from the cold water of the river into the springs (back and forth) to get the blood flowing through your organs.

We went out to dinner that evening and came back to the cabin for some cake.

Clara was anxious while waiting for everyone to gather and sing so she started singing her own birthday song.

Love this... The kids are just eyeing that cake.

Singing Happy Birthday to Clara...

Getting the frosting off of the candles...

The next morning, we packed and headed home.  This is the view from south of Durango Colorado, close to the four corners.

The four corners... where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet.

This was a travel day for me so don't judge me by my messy hair and makeup-less face ;o)


Although Colorado is beautiful... The very southern part is not.  There is about an hours worth of driving that is just plain... well... brown.  I swear that there is no other color that exists on the southern border of Colorado.  It is still pretty and interesting terrain, but I could not get over how brown it is.  This is a picture of southern Colorado from the four corners area.  If I turned around (which I should have done) and snapped a photo, you would see the red rock plateaus of Arizona.  Off to my left where the buttes of Utah.

Heading south towards Kayenta Arizona.  These are called Baby Rocks.

Just north of Kayenta... I thought that this rock formation was interesting because most of Arizona has the red rock plateaus.  This is a brownish green colored rock, known to the locals as Church Rock.

We traveled from Colorado, back home to Phoenix in 8 hours.  In one day, we watched the outside temperature gauge (in the car) go from 1 degree to 67.  Ahhh... Good to be back in warm weather.

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