Monday, January 6, 2014

Pagosa Springs 2014 | Days 1 & 2

 A few days after Christmas we headed up to Pagosa Springs Colorado with Dana's family for some winter fun.  This was my first time driving through the southern part of Colorado and I really enjoyed the scenery.  I took most of the scenic photos on our drive back to Phoenix so those will be in another post.

This building is in Inscription House Arizona (on the reservation)...

We rung in the new year with Dana's family, everyone arrived at the cabin on New Years Eve.

The next morning, the kids were anxious to put on their snow gear and head outside.

The kids were sliding down a small hill by the cabin.

On our way to find a bigger hill for sledding, we passed through Pagosa Springs and I snapped some quick photos of the town.

The San Juan River

An old church...

Pagosa Springs

We found a bigger hill for sledding, in Pagosa.  Aiyana was a little "Dare Devil"

Clara and I heading down the hill.  Clara's expression cracks me up.

Dana, ready to head down the hill with the girls.

Dana and Aiyana from higher up on the hill...

Poor Aiyana got a bunch of snow in her face as they went down.

Clara and I ready to make another trip down.

Aiyana on her cousin's saucer...

There she goes...

Aiyana and her cousin Andrew (they are only a few months apart in age).  Andrew went off course on his sled and wiped out pretty bad, but he's a tough little guy.

Playing around with my new camera...

Clara found a stick and said it was her sword.

More playing around with my camera...

Sullenberger Lake

The second night we made Navajo Tacos.  Aiyana wanted to try her hand at forming her own fry bread.

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