Sunday, December 1, 2013

Montezuma's Castle with The Timmermans

My sister suggested we take a day trip somewhere like we did last year when the family was together.  Our last family trip was to Sedona and Jerome.  You can see the blog post from Sedona HERE and Jerome HERE.

This year we went to Montezuma's Castle.  My mom, dad, all of us kids and our families went on the trip.  Montezuma's Castle is the name given to some Indian cliff dwellings north of Phoenix. The Europeans who discovered the "castle" in the 1800's thought it was of aztecan origin and therefor named it Montezuma's Castle.  The cliffs surround a lush river valley and the whole area is very pretty.  We got there just after the peek of fall colors so much of the leaves were brown, but it was still very picturesque.

Here are the cliff dwellings...

They stopped letting people go inside in the 1950's.

Aiyana standing in front of one of the many large trees in the valley.

Beaver Creek provided much of the water source for the Sinagua tribe when they inhabited the cliff dwellings.

Just two weeks earlier and we would have been there with all of the beautiful colors of fall.

Clara admiring the castle...

The cousins...

We were there in broad daylight so it was tough trying to get a picture without harsh shadows.  It's not an ideal shot, but I wanted to include this shot of my family and I in front of the castle.

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