Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dad's House | December 2013

Dad's making some major progress since our last visit which was only a couple of weeks ago.

Most of the framing is complete.  This is the view of the side of his house as seen from across the road.  The left side is the shop area, the center is the garage and the right side is part of the house.

Looking towards the house, from inside the shop.  The room on the right is an office and the one on the left is a machine room.  The welding room is on the other side of the shop.  There is a space for storage above the office.

View of the shop from the back.  There is a covered patio on the back for equipment that my dad prefers to use outside of the shop.

View of the back of the house as seen from the side of the shop.  On the right is the back of kitchen, there will also be a covered patio along that area. The center (with the large window) is the living room.  On the far left is the master bedroom and another covered patio.

Front entrance...

Looking from the shop into the kitchen area of the house...

The living room...

View of the dinning area from the kitchen.  Beyond that will be two archways leading into the hallway, that goes to the bathroom and second and third bedrooms.  The front entrance to the house is on the right.  On the left there will be sliding doors leading to the front courtyard.

Backyard, as seen from the master bedroom patio area.

View of the living room from the master bedroom.

Master bedroom, looking into the double closet area and beyond that, the master bath.  The door on the right leads to the front courtyard.

View of the master suite from the master bathroom.

Front view of the house.  The shop is on the far left (behind the house).  The garage is also on the far left (in front of the shop). The two bedrooms are on the left (in front of the garage area).  The center is the living room and courtyard area that will eventually enclosed by a stone and stucco wall.  The right side is the master suite area.  My dad and I talked about structural changes on the house before the next inspection and the next phase of building begins.  I think he is going to add at least two windows to the master suite area on the right side of the house (I suggested adding three).  The windows will be the small size as seen on the far right.

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