Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decorating the Tree

"Oh Christmas tree... Oh Christmas tree... How lovely are your branches..."

This year, decorating the tree was a two part task.  The first part was spent getting the tree up, placing the angel at the top and finding colored strands of lights that actually worked.  Once that was accomplished, we saved the rest of our decorating for another day.

Day two of decorating was the fun day.  I love getting out all of the Christmas ornaments and seeing some of the old ones that my mom saved all of these years.  If it weren't for her giving me about 50 gold glass ornaments and a tin of some of our old ornaments... we wouldn't have much on our tree.

Dana put the girls on his shoulders so they could place some of the ornaments up higher.

...and if he didn't have them on his shoulders, this is where they would all end up...

...at the bottom of the tree and clustered in one spot lol.

Here's some pictures of a few of the older ornaments that were on our tree when I was growing up.

Here she is... in all of her glory...

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