Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mini Family Staycation | JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort

This past weekend, our plans to head to Salt Lake City were canceled at the last minute due to the government shut down.  In SLC... we were planning on heading to Dana's mission reunion on Friday, we had tickets to attend General Conference, one of our nieces was getting baptized and I had a photo session planned for Saturday evening.  We were packed and ready to head out the door on Thursday when Dana got the word from headquarters that he would need to stay at work and his approved vacation was, in fact, un-approved.  Boo!  The girls were devastated.  They really look forward to our road trips and they love seeing their cousins. So, we had to remedy the situation and we came up with a plan.  A staycation of sorts.  Course... the true definition of a staycation is that you stay in your own beds and travel close to home, but in our case we stayed at a resort in our own city.  We had some points to use towards a Marriott Hotel stay so we applied them to a night at the JW Marriott Resort at Desert Ridge.  We stayed for one night and enjoyed two days of the amenities.

Here's the view from the balcony of our room...

This is a beautiful resort and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of it, of course.

This was before we jumped into the water... Once they were in, they didn't get out.

Super delicious drink with local honey and toasted coconut on the rim... yummm.

They even have a splash pad, though this was not the highlight for us.

Clara is our little Dare Devil.  She LOVES being thrown in the water, jumping in the water on her own and ducking her head under the water to swim. If she were tall enough she would have loved to go down the resort slide, but she didn't meet the height requirement.

View from one of the many pools at the resort...

All of the fun that we were having wears a girl out. Clara passed out for about an hour while I lounged by the lazy river.


That evening we headed across the resort to the Desert Ridge outdoor shopping mall and ate at Rock Bottom Restaurant.  This is one of the many water features in front of the resort.  I thought it looked beautiful with the Arizona sunset and palm trees behind it.

Oh hey... look at that!  I actually exist on this trip ;o).  The kids were not interested in looking at the camera so this is one of about 10 unsuccessful photos that we took ha, ha.

The next morning the girls headed out to the balcony to take in the view.

Aiyana is eyeing the lazy river <----the br="" most="" of="" our="" place="" spent="" time.="" we="" where="">

Breakfast consisted of one giant cinnamon roll for the girls.

They split it.

I enjoyed taking pictures of some of the desert landscaping...

I seriously LOVE these fluffy looking things.

More of the resort...

and back to the lazy river we went...

The girls enjoyed floating around without the tube most of the time.  They had such a blast.  I really thought that they would get bored with it, but they were completely content just floating around.  

Guess what!  There's actually a second picture of me. Ha, ha... I am really the one to blame when it comes to a lack of pictures of me since I am the camera crazy person in this family.  Sometimes I do enjoy letting someone else "take the wheel" for a while.  Looks like we have another future photographer in the making though, check out Aiyana on her tube...

I had a lot of fun on our mini vacation.  It was nice and relaxing... and, perhaps, one of the best things about a staycation is that there isn't a long journey to get back home.

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