Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mason's Party

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew Mason's birthday.  His birthday isn't until November, but since he and my sister-in-law were here for a visit we decided to have one for him here so we could all attend.  First we headed to McCormick Stillman Railroad Park so the kids could play.  The highlights were the carousel and the train, of course.

Here's Aiyana on the carousel.  Mason is on the horse next to her.

All three cousins ready to ride...


After the carousel, we headed for the train.  Mason doesn't look too excited or anything :o).

The kids really wanted to ride in here, but we had them in the open sections with us.  This part was way too small for adults.

Ready to ride...

Clara was excited...

and Mason was still super excited :o)

Aiyana waiting for the train to start.

Love it... I love the excitement written all over her face.

Mason enjoying the ride...

The tunnel was definitely the most exciting part for the kids.

After the train ride, we headed for the park to let the kids play.

Then we headed to Barros Pizza to eat, have cake and open presents. Mason got to see his daddy (my brother) through Face Time.

No one had a lighter so we waited quite a while to figure out how we were going to light the candles.  Mason couldn't resist touching the frosting.  He was so excited about his cake.

Several attempts to take a decent picture of the grandkids with their Nana and we never succeeded.  This one was the best shot...

Same goes for a picture with Grandpa.  Silly kids.

Finally getting the candles lit.

Singing the Happy Birthday song.

My brother watching from California.  Gotta love technology.

My mom made a gluten free rainbow cake... yummm.

Time for gifts...

It was a wonderful day spent with family.  I can't wait until we are all together at Thanksgiving time.  Thanks for the pizza mom!

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