Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aiyana's 2nd Poem Recital

Today Aiyana stood in front of her class and recited a poem that she memorized.  I am so proud of her.  This is the second poem she's recited in front of her classmates and for such a shy girl, she does a wonderful job.

Here she is in a cell phone picture that I took before the morning flag ceremony.  She was a bit shy posing for my camera in front of some of the other kids.  Ha, ha... shame on me for being one of "those" moms.

Here she is reciting her poem.  This time we worked on her projecting her voice more so we could hear her on my cell phone camera ;o).  I think I might be putting my finger over the speaker which doesn't help.  She definitely said it louder this time.  Now we just have to work on posture.

I'm thankful for the turkey
I'm thankful for the pie
I'm thankful for the corn and bread
and squash I'm going to try
I'm thankful for the toys I have
the sun I feel and see
and always for my family
who gather here with me

Aiyana also had her first school pictures taken this week.  Here's a quick photo that I took of her at the dance studio after school.

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