Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aiyana's First Day of School

All ready for her first day of school.  My baby is growing up!

Gosh... She looked so darn cute this morning.  I am a proud momma :o).

We dropped her off by the student lines and then walked around to participate in the morning flag ceremony. I was delighted to find her in the front of the line holding the sign for her teacher's class. It was pretty hot outside and I suspected that Aiyana was feeling a bit over-whelmed with the heat and the heavy backpack of supplies, but she didn't cry at all and she stayed in her spot even after seeing us standing across the way.  I knew that spending a lot of time at daycare/preschool would help prepare her for this.  There were plenty of little ones crying in her class.  I felt bad for them and for their parents.  I will have to admit that I cried a bit when we dropped her off and teared up a little when she walked into her school.

There she is amongst the lines of kids.

Walking into the school.  The sun was pretty harsh on their faces so she looks mad, but she was squinting.

There's that shy nose wrinkle look :o).

I'm kind of relieved it's only a half day... I get to pick her up soon :o).

On her fist day she shared 5 things about her that fit into a brown paper lunch bag.  

The Items in Her Bag:

Pink Pencil (she loves the color pink)
Empty Bag of M&M's (she loves chocolate)
Toy Ring (she loves jewelry)
Barbie Princess Crown (she loves playing princess)
Ballet Slipper (she loves to dance)

This is what she brought home from school...

Reading this got me all choked up.

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