Monday, August 5, 2013

Aiyana's 5 Year Pictures

Aiyana turned five one week ago today and on her birthday I, of course, had to pull out my camera and get some photos of the "Birthday Girl".

This was Aiyana's cute photo idea...

I love her laughter :o).

...and her beauty just amazes me.  I am amazed at how she can be so cute one minute and then turn in to this beauty the next.  She really knows how to work the camera.

Her portrait...

So this is to show that she isn't always an Angel in front of the camera.  Though, this is to be expected with a camera crazy mom... right?  She's giving me a glimpse into her teen years here ;o).

There's that laugh that I love so much.

If I could use five words to describe Aiyana they would be...

1.) Friendly
2.) Affectionate
3.) Particular
4.) Sensitive
5.) Leader

I love every ounce of this child more than words can describe.

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