Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aiyana's 3rd Week of School | Aiyana & Clara

 Aiyana wanted two braids in her hair this morning and I think she looks just darling in her braids.  This week is Aiyana's third week of school.  I must say that I really didn't expect Aiyana to dread going to school, but it's looking like school may be low on Aiyana's interest list.  I am hoping she warms up to it and starts to enjoy going.  Homework is a whole other story.  Every night of the week we sit down with her and try every tactic imaginable to get her to focus and finish the work.  We always get it done, but boy is it a struggle some nights.  I keep telling myself that she will be so smart by the end of the year and this advanced school will be worth it.  I sure hope so.

Aiyana ~ 5 years old

Little sister Clara jumped in for some shots.  Such sweet sisters.

Always a tight squeeze...

A little goofing off...

I just love this shot of the two of them.  Clara adores her older sister and it truly shows in this image.

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