Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aiyana's 5th Birthday

My oldest turned five yesterday.  I really can't believe that she's five now.  She's a kid now... and a sweet one at that. Next thing I know, she will be a teenager!  I am going to cherish these years as much as I can.

Here she is on the last day that she was 4...

What a goof! I put her hair in curlers so I could do a little 5 year photo shoot the next morning.  I will share those pictures in my next post.

L to R: Aiyana, Kaitlyn, Clara, Makenzie, Jocelyn, Tyler & Sadie.  Please excuse the partial backdrop. The girls were playing in the studio so I grabbed some shots in front of a backdrop... totally not intended to be a professional shot ;o).

The girls are putting on a show...

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl.  I love that cute, shy face that she makes with her nose wrinkled up on one side... Too cute!

She wanted a chocolate cake so I made her one.  We also made princess slipper cake pops and Dana bought some cupcakes so there were plenty of sweets to go around.

Opening presents...

She's not super happy or anything...

I just love how the kids get so excited for presents...

She got two Princess Cadences...

Aiyana with her Nana...

Growing up, I had birthdays with my whole family there to help me celebrate, cousins and aunts included.  So I am happy to have friends here to make these birthday memories special for the girls.  They have so much fun playing with their friends when they come over for a party. Thank you to everyone who came and helped make this day extra special for Aiyana. We don't always throw big parties, but a 5th birthday is a milestone birthday in my book so it was nice to have a big party for her.

The big gift did not arrive on time for her party, but it arrived at the house the next day.  This gift was a joint gift from Dana and I, my mom, my dad and the Cummings grandparents.  We met Aiyana's teacher that day and then came home for her to open the gift.

...and boy does she LOVE it.

Jumping for joy...

My mom and I helped the girls put it together and set it up.  The doll house came with a lot of the furniture, but we can add to it with future birthdays or Christmas.

Say cheese!  I love how Clara can be seen through the upstairs door :o).

Playing with the house that evening.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Last Day in Iowa

One of my favorite parks in Iowa is called McManus Park, but I always called it Rocket Ship Park.  I guess that is what everyone else knows it as because when I mentioned McManus Park to those that I invited... They had no clue what I was talking about until I said Rocket Ship Park.  The park use to have a tall rocket of monkey bars that led you all of the way to the top.  The rocket is no longer there, but I tell ya what... they sure kept the interest alive with the amount of playground equipment on the premises.  This park is still a kid's dream park.

Dana swinging the girls on the seat swings...

 Sitting on the bench for a snack and I couldn't resist taking a picture of Aiyana's eyes.  They looked so pretty and green...

This was a big hit...

Even for us adults...

After the park we headed to Rudy's tacos for some Americanized Mexican food.  Then we headed for the Mississippi riverfront to meet my friend Mechell and her twin boys.

My friend's sons were the ring bearers in mine and Dana's wedding.  My has time flown by since then. 



It was a beautiful weekend in Iowa.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Britani's Wedding

On Saturday, I met my friend Mechell for lunch.  I love how her and I can always pick up right where we left off.  Every time we get together there is laughter. I wish she could just move to Phoenix.

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay the weekend in Iowa and attend my cousin Britani's wedding at Vander Veer Park.  

Here's a picture of the bridesmaids hiding the bride with black umbrellas.  I thought it was such a cute idea.  I think they were playing the song "I Think I Wanna Marry You" by Bruno Mars :o).

Here's my cousin Brianna ready to walk down the isle as one of her bridesmaids.


My cousin, Bridget.

Two of Britani's kids... Ahmi and Konrad.

Here comes the bride...

Britani with her dad, Walt.

She looked gorgeous.

Britani & her husband to be, Ryan.

A speech from Ryan to Ahmi...

The Kiss

Balloons were released...

They are officially married and there were bubbles to celebrate...

...and then there were sprinkles.

Reception to follow... and they had these... YUM!

Ryan & Britani

Britani & I

Father & Daughter Dance

My cousin's daughter, Shaelyn.

The girls were all about dancing...