Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

 The Easter Bunny visited the Cummings household last night.  I was up pretty late and Aiyana happened to wake up after the Easter Bunny stopped by. Of course she noticed the goodies, but I quickly swopped her up and whispered that she was dreaming as I rushed her back upstairs.

I let the girls choose their basket and, as I expected, Aiyana chose first and picked the white bunny.  Clara just takes whatever is left.  I wonder when she will put a stop to that?

The girls on Easter morning. They are checking out their baskets.

We headed off to church in the morning. Here are the girls in their Easter dresses.

My mom gave me all of the following photos because I video taped the Easter egg hunt instead of taking pictures. After church, I told the girls to pick out some play clothes for the afternoon and Aiyana chose the dress that she has on (a church dress).  She could have just left her Easter dress on, but oh well.

The girl in the yellow dress is their cousin Jolie.

A very randome photo, but there are hardly ever photos of me.  With camcorder in hand ;o).

My mom got the girls these baskets, my dad got them some chocolate and their cousin Jolie made Easter bags for them.  There is WAY too much candy in this house.

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Angel Seitz said...

I cannot tell you how much seeing you all in flipflops, bare feet and sundresses makes me miss Arizona!!!