Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aiyana's Still Four

Ready for some cuteness over-load?

Aiyana is going to be five in just 3 months!!! That's a little girl age as opposed to a toddler age.  Like I always do when I feel like time is flying.... I pull out my camera.  Lucky for me, Aiyana loves to pose.

Aiyana remains my gentle soul... She is quick to console and easily affected by the moods of those around her. She hugs with a tight embrace and she is known to tuck my hair behind my ear when she tells me she loves me :o).  I love this child more than words can explain.  

Recently, Aiyana has started wearing a silver rose necklace of mine.  She loves to wear it to church and even when she's just playing in the house.  I decided that as much as I love that necklace, it should probably be hers. She is a very responsible child and she really takes care of her things.

Aiyana LOVES her dance class.  I am one proud momma when I stand at the the window and watch her learn new steps. She is so focused on her technique and form.  Aiyana is a tad shy, but you can see confidence exude from her otherwise shy personality when she is dancing.

Aiyana's best friend is her sister.  She plays with her the entire day and never tires of it.  I love to see how much she loves her sister.

Here's a collage I made of some of my favorites...

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