Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Preparations

 In addition to making deviled eggs this morning, we boiled and decorated Easter eggs and we baked and frosted sugar cookies. It was a morning filled with Easter preparation.

Here's the girls eagerly waiting for my cue to start dipping the eggs in the dye.

of course mommy has to take pictures of everything ;o)

I love Clara's face in this next picture...

Here are some of our dyed eggs...

Waiting for them to soak up the color...

We managed to get through the dying and decorating process with only breaking one egg. Pretty good for a 4 and a 3 year old.

I let the girls color the eggs with their washable markers.  Here's Aiyana showing off her creations.  One of the eggs had a drawing of her on it ;o).

Here's one of Clara's eggs...

Then we moved on to icing the sugar cookies that we baked.

Don't they look pretty... and yummy?  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aiyana's Art

Every once in a while I like to post the girl's art work.  I save quite a bit of their projects in a folder, but I think it's nice to occasionally scan them and save them digitally.

These photos were created at church.  The first one is a picture of Aiyana and Clara in the bath tub with a BIG bubble in the middle.

The following drawing is one of me (in yellow), Aiyana (in the middle) and Clara (in blue).  Aiyana stated that she drew a picture of me when I was little so that is why I am smaller than her.  This may be the first drawing I've seen her make with people in it.  Not too bad for a four year old.

How Does Our Garden Grow?

...with strawberries, mint, sweet basil, watermelon, sweet peppers, red peppers, sweat peas, onions and cilantro.  

Dana took Clara to my mom's on Sunday to help my mom cut some branches off of her tree.  Aiyana stayed at the house with me and she helped me plant some new veggies, fruit and herbs in our garden.  She did a really good job breaking up the tough Arizona dirt.  Believe it or not, there is some good soil underneath all of that gray stuff. Dana poured about 10 inches of healthy soil into our gardening box last year.

Her favorite tasks were breaking up the dirt, sticking the plastic description tags in the ground next to their respective plants and, of course, using the hose to water them afterwards.


Tada... Looks a tad pathetic right now, but it will get better.  We have to decide what other fruits and veggies we want to plant.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Girls Started Dance

We got the girls started in dance classes and I couldn't be more thrilled. I put them in a 3-5 year combo class where they do tap, ballet and tumbling. Three weeks ago, I brought them to the dance studio to try it out (on the day that I would take them if we decided to actually get them started in dance lessons). So I knew going into it that this would be the class that they would dance with. I also knew that their dance routine was already set so there was a chance that I may not like their chosen show dance. I was very pleased with the instructor. She is polite and very informative and she did amazing with the kids. She is the right amount of sweet and discipline that the girls need... that any 3-5 year old enrolled in dance lessons would need. The thing that signed me up on that first day was the dance routine that the class will be doing in the show. They will be dancing to the song "Dancing in the Show Tonight".   I recorded the routine on the first day, not knowing what it was, and tears started streaming down my face when I realized that they will be dancing to a song that is very familiar to me. I danced to the same song when I was younger. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Here they are performing the dance on their third day in class. Once a month, the teacher will let the parents in to watch so I will be sure to video tape on that day as well.  These videos were shot through the viewing window, hence the poor quality. I love how Aiyana looks in the mirror on the part where they bounce with their hand up in the air as if it is the mirror.  Aiyana is the second from the left and Clara is next to her, on her right.  Clara is hanging in there... for being the youngest in the class, she does pretty good.

Here's a clip of them doing ballet.  Aiyana is fourth from the right in this one and Clara is right next to her, on her left.

The following video is a clip of a fun routine for the girls.  They enjoy the "dancing and freezing" routine.  The kids get to dance about freely and then when the music stops, they have to freeze.  Every time, Clara will take 5-6 more steps after the music stops.  It cracks me up.  Usually, she will freeze in a dramatic pose.  One time she crawled five paces and then stopped in a cat like pose.  I have that video on my cell phone.