Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mahatauk Trail

Dana had MLK Day off so, in addition to preparing for tax season, he suggested we take the girls on a hike.  We hiked a trail starting at the base of South Mountain (Mahatauk Trail). It is not a very scenic trail, but it was good exercise for all of us even if we had to go slow for the girls.  We hiked .5 miles up and .5 down. I am so proud of them and I can't wait to take them on future hikes so they can soon become regular hiking companions ;o).

Dana showed he girls how to stretch before hiking.

Heading up...

Taking a water break...

It has been unusually warm for January so Aiyana talked Dana into giving her his hat to shade her face from the sun.

...then Clara wanted it because whatever Aiyana does, Clara has to do lol.  Too cute!

This lil' bugger turned a new leaf after turning three. She now asks me to take pictures of her... and I, of course, am tickled pink to do so. She requested this shot :o)

The moon...

Another photo request...

...then Aiyana could not let her little sister steal the show.

...and yet another picture request as we are heading down he mountain. Love her :o)

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