Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 4 - Riviera Maya

Day four was spent at the beach until the clouds rolled in.

Aiyana collecting sea shells.

Mason in his floaty swimming suit...

I think we all got some sand and salt water in our face and eyes on this trip. 
Poor Mason :o(.

The water was a beautiful shade of blue/green.

Aiyana was making cool designs in the sand...

Until the waves would creep up and wash them away :o(

Mi familia in their cool shades...

Clara's beach up-do

Just before the rain, we moved up to the kids play area...

...and then it rained and we moved into the activities center so that the girls could paint. 
Aiyana was happy about this idea.

...and so was Clara :o)

That evening we made reservations for the french restaurant on the resort.  We also made daycare reservations for the kiddos :o). My mom really wanted beach pictures. We all brought white, tan and brown to wear on the beach, but we never got around to taking those photos.  The following photos were the best pictures we got of everyone, other than group shots with everyone wearing a hodge podge of different things.  

My brother, his wife Mary and their son, Mason.

My mom, siblings & I

My family

The whole clan.

The adults at the french restaurant.

Our fancy food.

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Jeri said...

It was a wonderful family vacation. You have some great photos. Can't wait to take another trip!