Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 3 - Riviera Maya

On day three, we set up camp at the infinity pool. This was the view of our hotel from the pool deck.

Clara trying to help me out with my camera addiction.

Chilling with her fruit snacks.

Aiyana scoping out the pool.

Peering down at the ocean from the pool area.

Aiyana swimming in her life vest.  I could tell that Aiyana felt like such a big girl swimming around on her own.

Nana & the grandkids.

The cousins playing in the pool.  The pool had a pretty large shallow area for the kids to play in.  They loved it.

Mason & Clara splashing water on each other.

Clara fell in love with this floaty thing.  She sat in it, floating around the pool, for a good hour and whenever another kid wanted a turn she would cry and refuse to get out.

Here's a video of Clara trying to swim in shallow water with her bulky life vest on... Pretty funny stuff.

Aiyana sporting Joey's new shades.

That evening we went to an Italian restaurant at the resort.

Nana with all of her grandkids.

After dinner, my mom watched the kids while my siblings and I went out in Cancun.  Can you believe that seven grown adults fit in this tiny taxi? Well we did and we had a lot of good laughs in that taxi.

Senor Frogs

I was very entertained by the signs in Senor Frogs. I would have taken more pictures of some of my favorite ones, but they turned on the foggers and the pictures looked awful after that.

My siblings & I

My sister & I

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