Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 2 - Riviera Maya

On day two, we headed for the ocean and spent the majority of the day playing on the beach.

I love how happy Clara is in this picture :o).  Makes me smile every time I see it.

Making sand castles with Aiyana.

View of the beach, looking south from our resort.

Jump shot... I need to work on my style :o)

The guys... Hate to say it, but the girls got more air.

Aiyana and Clara found some friends on the beach.

Please excuse the un-appealing behind... behind Clara.  I couldn't figure out how to crop it out and I really liked this picture otherwise.

Clara must have tasted some salt water, or sand, before I snapped this picture.

Having fun...

Say cheese!

Love this dolphin enactment, brought to us by Joey

Zach, Mary & Mason

Mom, Mary & Mason

Clara's trying to stand up against the waves.

Clara did not like the water at first, but as you can see... She eventually warmed up to it.

Later in the day, we moved on to the Kids Club where they had a 4-12 year old area.  The water was about two feet deep and the kids had a blast running around the pirate ship and sliding on the slides. 

Clara on one of the slides.

The hotel had a lot of Christmas decorations which was really nice since this was a Christmas vacation.

After a full day in the sun... The girls were exhausted.

Monday evening, we had reservations at a steak house called Wayne's Boots.

My brother and I

My hubby & I

Clara was actually being a ham that night. She normally doesn't like having her picture taken.

My mom, sister & I


Mom & Clara.  I think Clara looks a lot like her Nana.

My sister, Alisa, my sister-in-law, Mary, and I

The kids hanging out and watching the bull riding at Wayne's Boots.

We talked the guys into riding the bull.  Apparently, the loose rope attached to the bull was not very easy to hold on to.




After dinner, we headed to the lounge to hang out and dance Zumba. Aiyana kept up pretty well for a four year old.  She just might be ready to take dance classes.

First... Here's a video of the cousins dancing.  I love Clara's goofy dance :o)


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