Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 1 - Riviera Maya

My family just got back from a vacation in the Riviera Maya. We have not been on a family vacation together since I was in high school so this was a very anticipated trip. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend five fun filled days with the people that I love the most in this life.  The only person missing was my dad, but my siblings and I will plan a vacation with him sometime in the near future.

Clara peering out the window of the plane...

Arriving in Cancun

Resort Entrance - We stayed at The Crown Paradise Hotel and Resort, south of Cancun.

View of the ocean from our room

Checking out the bunk beds in our hotel room.

The pretty blue caribbean ocean.

After checking in and finding our room, we quickly changed in to swimwear and b-lined for the ocean.

Aiyana was apprehensive at first...

 ...but with-in minutes she was all about playing in the water.

Dana taking the girls into the water.

Here's a video of Aiyana on the beach.  You can hear Clara begging for Dana to pick her up.  She wasn't too sure about the water at first.

Storm clouds rolled in, but it never rained.

There was an abandoned hotel next to ours.  The old hotel was destroyed during hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Mariachi playing during dinner at the buffet.

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