Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Last Soccer Game - Go Comets!

Today was Aiyana's last soccer game for the fall season.  I'll have to admit that I was a little sad  knowing it was the end of the season, but there will be a spring league so that softens the blow. Aiyana played the most in this game and I was very proud of her performance.  

Here she is with her eye on the ball...

She's so gosh darn cute out there on the field.  Here you can see Mason, Justin and her trying to block the ball from going the other direction.

Here's a picture of Mason kicking the ball into the field and Aiyana is behind the boy in black sweats.  Aiyana's friend Makenzie is on the right side of the picture, with the black socks on.

Aiyana is coaxing her friend Makenzie in this picture... Just cute.

Aiyana kicking the ball into the field.

Go Comets!  
Here's the team with their trophies (L to R: Sophia, Domenika, Payten, Aiyana, Makenzie, Clara, Mason & Justin).  Tessa is missing from the picture and I am not sure why :o(.  Looks like we gained one with Clara though ha, ha.

Aiyana with her pizza.  
Pizza and soft drinks are provided for everyone on the last day.
(Clara is still crying from not being able to play)

I thought the mound of empty pizza boxes were pretty impressive.

It was a fun year coaching and both Lindsay and I are up for co-coaching again next season.


Rebecca Rushton said...

I guess Clara will be ready to play next year then huh? Since the season is over, now we can go hiking on Saturday mornings!!

tbsomeday said...

how fun!
i'd take some of that pizza right now!!