Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Second Soccer Game

The second soccer game brought a win for our Comet's team.  
Yay Comets!!!

I am so grateful that my mom comes to Aiyana's games and takes pictures because I'm too busy coaching and Dana's busy taking care of Clara during the games. So these photos are compliments of my momma :o).

This is Domenika and Mason running for the ball.

Domenika running after the ball again... This little girl is fast and she's a good soccer player for her age.

Mason running after the ball.

Payton and Mason trying to get the ball.

Mason, Sophia and Domenika

Aiyana sitting with some of her soccer friends... Payton, Domenika & Makenzie

Aiyana and Makenzie... I wonder what they are talking about?

I think this picture is adorable... The game was in full swing and what do four year old girls do?  
Chit chat of course :o).

Aiyana hadn't played up until this point, but I convinced her to step into the field with me while I coached so she would feel comfortable in the game.

Me and my sweetie pie Aiyana

Back on the side line, Aiyana's best friend is trying to convince her to play.

...and it worked.  You can see the apprehension in Aiyana's face.

...but she got use to it

Skipping around on the soccer field :o)

Going after the ball.

The best part...

The girls started hugging during the last minute of the game... Too fricken cute!

Still hugging...

More hugging...

Our victory cheer...

Acknowledging the other team...

Victory Bridge

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tbsomeday said...

aw--how fun
glad aiyana decided to play!
the hugs are adorable :)
congrats on the win!
love the victory bridge idea!