Friday, October 5, 2012

Pima Canyon Trail Hike & Coyotes

Yesterday we hiked South Mountain again, but this time it was on Pima Canyon Trail on the south eastern side of the mountain.  There are a lot of trails around that area which include Telegraph Pass and the National Trail. We started our hike straight up one of the mountains that sits at the foothills of South Mountain.  Our hike was a total of 4.7 miles. This time I left my Nikon behind and opted for my iphone pictures.  I figured my iphone would work if I just had to take a picture.  My main goal was to hike briskly and to go more than 3 miles.

Here's the view from the top of the initial mountain that we climbed.  Looking north west, you can see downtown Phoenix in the distance.

This is looking north east towards Tempe.  You can see Camelback Mountain in this picture.

Here's one of the rock walls that we had to scale down.  It doesn't look too impressive in this picture, but it was steap.

Another view that I thought was pretty cool...

The last two are pictures of me playing with light rays from the sunset. I thought they were pretty pictures for iphone photos.

Now for the most exciting part of the adventure... 


We encountered coyotes, which is typical on South Mountain.  In fact I hear coyotes from my house just about every night, but to be so close to several of them is quite intimidating.  We realized quickly that when the different howls of the coyote in the area were getting louder and louder, we were in their path... and they were in ours.  As I was shooting this video, my mom and our hiking friend, were having a stare down with a few coyotes on our trail.  My mom's instinct was to run, but we quickly made it out of the area at a brisk pace. Pretty exciting stuff. Keep in mind that these videos do not do justice to how loud it was in person.  For some reason the howls sound muted, but trust me when I say they were right there, with-in feet from us.

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tbsomeday said...

very cool!
weird they were so close during the day??
are they just that used to people like yellowstone animals or what?
we hear them pretty much every night at the rh
when i lived at the farm we had some bad run ins with them trying to take our dogs out