Sunday, October 28, 2012

Phoenix Suns Game

Dana and I got free tickets to a Suns game Friday night. A co-worker of his gets season passes and offered these pre-season tickets to us.  They were great seats.  As you can see...

Suns player watching the game...

Here's a non-zoomed in view.  We sat in the 9th row.

Action shots...

A video of the cheerleaders doing a dance.  I only included this for feedback.  
Is it just me or are these girls not so great?  I expected more out of pro basketball cheerleaders.  
They are all over the place in this dance.

I thought these guys were very entertaining.  I wish I would have recorded more of them.

Beasley after an interview.  Dana was leaning down to "high five' him.

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tbsomeday said...

how fun!!
it's great you guys get to go on regular dates!

couldn't see the videos here at work :(