Thursday, October 25, 2012

My 35th Birthday

I cannot believe that I am 35?!?!? Man I'm old.

Yesterday, for my birthday, we headed to Barro's Pizza to celebrate.  My mom made a gluten free chocolate cake and Dana bought me a gluten free chocolate cake from a bakery downtown.  They are both very yummy, but I am afraid that I will be on cake over-load during the next several days. 

Here's a quick picture that my dad took of us.  A little blurry, but oh well.

My hubs and I

My two cakes...

Ready to blow out my candles.  
My mom said that she bought me the number kind of candles because 35 would be too many to blow out :o(. Lol... I could have done it.


tbsomeday said...

what a wonderful birthday!!
cake looks awesome :)

Anonymous said...

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