Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Soccer Game

Before you read any further... 
Can you tell how Aiyana's first soccer game went by looking at the following picture?  

Aiyana decided that the park looked like more fun than the soccer field.  Clara cried and screamed "bloody murder" because she couldn't play and Aiyana pouted when we tried to get her to play. I contemplated just letting Clara take Aiyana's spot, but Clara was wearing flip flops and we didn't have tennis shoes for her at the field. The following picture shows Lindsay and I coaching the team during our warm up.  The kids on the field are (from L to R): Aiyana, Clara :o), Makenzie, Justin, Domenika, Tessa & Mason.

My mom took the following pictures of the game...

Nice hustle Justin and Tessa (the other team is in the pennies, or away shirts)

Here's Mason going for the ball.... This kid is good for his age.

Coaching with Aiyana in tow.  I didn't mind, I wanted her to get use to being on the field.

The team did amazing for a 4-5 year old group.  I love these kids.  Mason scored two goals for the team, Justin scored one goal and I think Domenika even scored a goal. Eventually, Aiyana warmed up enough to watch her team play while standing close to the field.  It's a start :o).  I also came to my senses and realized that it wouldn't be wise to substitute my 2 1/2 year old daughter on the team considering these kids are twice her age and she is still just a toddler.

Here's a couple more pictures that my mom took of the team huddle after the game and a bridge thing that we did for both teams. Aiyana is on the right side of the team huddle.


tbsomeday said...

oh the fun of childhood sports

dessa loved soccer from the get go
tayla just got to play this year and she was more into hanging out than playing
funny to watch all the different personalities--and amazing how some of the kids are so talented already

Lindsay Renee' said...

what fun photos! i actually had so much fun coachin on saturday. we'll see how practice goes this thursday. is it normal to feel a little nervous about coaching little people in the ways of soccer?? i am!