Friday, October 5, 2012

Diamondbacks vs. Cub

 This past weekend Dana and I met some of his friends from Page and went to the Diamondbacks v.s. Cubs game.  I couldn't decide which team to support.  I've always been a Cubs fan, but now my home  is Phoenix and I avidly support the Dbacks.  Plus I had just bought this cute new Dbacks shirt.  I finally decided to sport the Cubs shirt.  I knew they were the under dogs and I'm kind of a "support the under dogs" kinda gal.  So, I wore the Cubs shirt proudly and guess what... They won! Whoot whoot! I'm not a huge sports fan, but the two games that I have invested my time in recently have panned out well for me.  First the Cyclones defeating the Hawks and now the Cubs winning over the Dbacks.  Here's a picture of Chase field.  We go to a lot of professional baseball games here, one of the perks to living in a large city. Dana actually suggested we eat before going to this recent game.  What?  Eat first?  Heck no... I'm all about the ball park food.  Yumm!

Here's an instagram picture of my Cubs shirt :o)

Thought I'd include this cute photo that Sandy sent me of the girls all dressed up in princess outfits.  This was the night of the PCH Battle of the Bands fundraiser.  The girls went over to Aiyana's bf Makenzie's house.  Makenzie is Aiyana's friend from daycare.  Arn't they so cute?  I think Aiyana and Makenzie look like they could be sisters in this picture.

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tbsomeday said...

fun date night!

cute little princesses--and yes--they do look sisterly