Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Saturday

Saturday started with soccer game number 3. Aiyana played the most in this game... yay! She's finally getting use to being on the field. Dana took a lot of pictures, but he didn't realize that our camera was on movie mode and most of the photos didn't turn out :o(.  So unfortunately, we have a small batch showing that Aiyana actually played.

Here's Aiyana and Makenzie out on the field.  Our team plays in pairs.  In other words, Aiyana usually wont play unless Makenzie does, Tessa plays when Domenika plays and Justin wants to be on the field when his buddy Mason is on the field.  It's so cute.  

Here's an action shot of Aiyana chasing the ball...

Team bridge - I thought this picture was darling because little Mason was VERY upset that we did not win this game :o(.  Poor guy.  He's such a good player. You can see him in the bottom left of the photo.

High fives...

Out of order - Another shot of the team bridge.

After the game we went home and showered and we were off to Chuck E Cheese's for Aiyana's friend Makenzie's Birthday Party.

Playing games...

Look at the cake that Makenzie's grandma made. Impressive!

Clara ate her cupcake then stole Aiyana's lol.

She was very happy about this find...

The girls decided they ALL needed to ride a ride that was big enough for one small child.


Then we raced home got all dressed up in costumes and headed to the church Trunk-or-Treat.

Hailey, Clara, Aiyana & Payten

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tbsomeday said...

what an action packed day!

you look so thin amber :)

the cake and cupcakes are pretty amazing!!

i assume trunk or treat is out of the backs of cars?