Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Saturday

Saturday started with soccer game number 3. Aiyana played the most in this game... yay! She's finally getting use to being on the field. Dana took a lot of pictures, but he didn't realize that our camera was on movie mode and most of the photos didn't turn out :o(.  So unfortunately, we have a small batch showing that Aiyana actually played.

Here's Aiyana and Makenzie out on the field.  Our team plays in pairs.  In other words, Aiyana usually wont play unless Makenzie does, Tessa plays when Domenika plays and Justin wants to be on the field when his buddy Mason is on the field.  It's so cute.  

Here's an action shot of Aiyana chasing the ball...

Team bridge - I thought this picture was darling because little Mason was VERY upset that we did not win this game :o(.  Poor guy.  He's such a good player. You can see him in the bottom left of the photo.

High fives...

Out of order - Another shot of the team bridge.

After the game we went home and showered and we were off to Chuck E Cheese's for Aiyana's friend Makenzie's Birthday Party.

Playing games...

Look at the cake that Makenzie's grandma made. Impressive!

Clara ate her cupcake then stole Aiyana's lol.

She was very happy about this find...

The girls decided they ALL needed to ride a ride that was big enough for one small child.


Then we raced home got all dressed up in costumes and headed to the church Trunk-or-Treat.

Hailey, Clara, Aiyana & Payten

Phoenix Suns Game

Dana and I got free tickets to a Suns game Friday night. A co-worker of his gets season passes and offered these pre-season tickets to us.  They were great seats.  As you can see...

Suns player watching the game...

Here's a non-zoomed in view.  We sat in the 9th row.

Action shots...

A video of the cheerleaders doing a dance.  I only included this for feedback.  
Is it just me or are these girls not so great?  I expected more out of pro basketball cheerleaders.  
They are all over the place in this dance.

I thought these guys were very entertaining.  I wish I would have recorded more of them.

Beasley after an interview.  Dana was leaning down to "high five' him.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My 35th Birthday

I cannot believe that I am 35?!?!? Man I'm old.

Yesterday, for my birthday, we headed to Barro's Pizza to celebrate.  My mom made a gluten free chocolate cake and Dana bought me a gluten free chocolate cake from a bakery downtown.  They are both very yummy, but I am afraid that I will be on cake over-load during the next several days. 

Here's a quick picture that my dad took of us.  A little blurry, but oh well.

My hubs and I

My two cakes...

Ready to blow out my candles.  
My mom said that she bought me the number kind of candles because 35 would be too many to blow out :o(. Lol... I could have done it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mesa Temple

Dana and I refinanced on our house in Mesa yesterday.  We got a 3.8% fixed interest rate yay!!! Our interest rate was low before, but it's amazing how much we will be saving a month now that it's even lower.

Afterwards we headed for the Mesa Temple to spend some family time together.
I grabbed these photos during our visit...

Second Soccer Game

The second soccer game brought a win for our Comet's team.  
Yay Comets!!!

I am so grateful that my mom comes to Aiyana's games and takes pictures because I'm too busy coaching and Dana's busy taking care of Clara during the games. So these photos are compliments of my momma :o).

This is Domenika and Mason running for the ball.

Domenika running after the ball again... This little girl is fast and she's a good soccer player for her age.

Mason running after the ball.

Payton and Mason trying to get the ball.

Mason, Sophia and Domenika

Aiyana sitting with some of her soccer friends... Payton, Domenika & Makenzie

Aiyana and Makenzie... I wonder what they are talking about?

I think this picture is adorable... The game was in full swing and what do four year old girls do?  
Chit chat of course :o).

Aiyana hadn't played up until this point, but I convinced her to step into the field with me while I coached so she would feel comfortable in the game.

Me and my sweetie pie Aiyana

Back on the side line, Aiyana's best friend is trying to convince her to play.

...and it worked.  You can see the apprehension in Aiyana's face.

...but she got use to it

Skipping around on the soccer field :o)

Going after the ball.

The best part...

The girls started hugging during the last minute of the game... Too fricken cute!

Still hugging...

More hugging...

Our victory cheer...

Acknowledging the other team...

Victory Bridge