Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week 1 as a SAHM

The week was won-der-ful.  I enjoyed every minute of just being a mom and focusing on household responsibilities. Remember my "home improvement items" list on my last post? I have already accomplished number one which was thinning out our filing cabinet.  I can actually fit files in there now. I trashed two garbage bags of paper work.  It feels good to have that done.

I've exercised every day, taught Aiyana how to add and Clara is well on her way to being potty trained.

Next week I won't be able to tackle much on my list because I have some photography work to do.  I have a studio portrait session on Monday with two little cuties.  I'll be editing through much of the week and I also have a business photo gig which will require office building photos and head shots for 5 different people. The girls will be happy to learn that I'm also arranging a play date for next week at the Laveen splash pad. So it will be a pretty busy week.

I have many items posted on Craigslist and I have already sold two things.  I made $100 on those two items and if I sell everything else, I could make up to $300 more.  I am hoping to use the money for a new patio dining table. The chairs to our current dining set are broken so I am trying to sell just the table on Craigslist.  One thing that I thought I would sell was my American Idol Karaoke machine, but I pulled it out and the girls and I spent hours singing with it so... I guess we will keep it.

My co-workers gave me a going away gift (even though I am not technically going away, just working much less). I thought it was so, extremely thoughtful of them.  They found out, through Dana, that I needed more things for my photography business. The items they ordered for me came in the mail yesterday.  I got a light/soft box for indoor photos and a multi color reflector for outdoor photos.  I just need a stand for each one and a metered flash bulb for the soft box.  Unfortunately I know nothing about metered flashes for soft boxes.  I really need to do some research.

Tonight, Dana and I borrowed my dad's truck and moved all of mine and my sister's childhood belongings back to our house from the storage unit that they have been sitting in since my mom moved to Arizona.  I hated having my stuff in that unit and every time I drove by the storage facility my heart would sink a little knowing that so much of my history was sitting in a tiny 5x5 unit collecting dust. So, it feels good to have it home.  I fit most of my things on these two shelving units in our garage (not everything on those shelves are my things though).  I managed to fit about 13 boxes of my sisters in our garage as well so that my mom didn't have to take back too many things to store in her garage. I have to go through some of my old college boxes and get rid of some of those things.  I mean... When have I ever opened an old college text book since I've graduated? Never. Unfortunately, some of the totes need to be replaced with new ones because they cracked from being stacked in the unit for so long. So it looks like a Walmart trip is in my near future.

I found a box of Alisa's farm toys and I just knew that Aiyana would LOVE it.  I got it out and cleaned up all of the pieces and let the girls play with it for a while. ... and they LOVE it.  I'm sure my sister wouldn't mind and I am super neurotic about keeping toys in good condition and keeping all of the pieces stowed in one spot.

I feel like it has been a super productive week. I'm ready to relax my brain and body tomorrow.

I'll leave you all with this super cute video of Clara playing with her stuffed animals...


Sara said...

Wow, sounds like you really packed a lot into your first week at home! So glad you're able to stay home now and that you're enjoying it, I know how much you wanted to!

Rebecca Rushton said...

Way to keep busy! I find that you feel a lot better about your week when you are busy. Slow weeks are just...slow...

tbsomeday said...

great work amber!
great to get all that stuff done!
bet it feels so so good!! :)

can't see the video here at work :(

enjoy your week!