Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recent Things

The things that we discover when we are actually home during the day. Here are some photos that I uploaded from my iphone...

We find rainbows on the floor and wall every morning.  The girls are very fascinated by this...  
The simple pleasures in life.

We play Hide & Go Seek a lot.  
I wonder where Aiyana is?

We went on a play date last week and met up with another mom and her kids at the Laveen splash pad. This is a picture of Clara peeing :-/.  Let me start by saying that I do not condone this type of behavior. Clara is in the midst of being potty trained which she is doing pretty good at.  However, she started to pee while they were playing at the splash pad.  I knew that she was already going and I wouldn't make it to the potty with her,  so I told her to just keep going.  This is how she decided to proceed...

She kept backing herself up to aim at the water.  Pretty smart little one if I must say so myself.  Sorry if that repulses anyone, but I thought that it was funny.  If we were in a pool I would have put a swim diaper on her, but here it just goes down the drain anyway.

Video of the girls having fun at the splash pad.

This is the ONLY day that I got the girls to take a nap...

Another picture that I thought was pretty funny.  We have let the girls play with the ipad more lately.  They love the free apps that we download.  Clara is obsessed with Mickey's Road Rally and she does not like to share.  Last night I went upstairs for bed and found her fast asleep with a death grip on the ipad. She doesn't like to share in her sleep either!


tbsomeday said...

cute pics
funny times

enjoy your rainbows!

Jana said...

Love the rainbow pic!!! :)