Monday, September 3, 2012

Early Halloween

Yesterday I had the girls put on their old costumes for a Halloween photo shoot.  I used these pictures to advertise Halloween mini photo sessions for my Amber Rose Photography business.  I am so glad that I did this with the girls because I always have a hard time getting good quality photos of them on Halloween.  I don't even know what the girls are going to wear this year.  I may just have them wear these costumes again.

Princess Aiyana 

I love this pose. 
Dana had just walked in the room and Aiyana has that "Look at me! Don't I look cute?" 
look on her face.

Caterina Clara

Trying to find her tail...

Here's the advertisement banner that I made for the Halloween mini photo sessions.  If any of my blogging friends are interested in booking a session for your kiddos, contact me through my website contact page at

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tbsomeday said...

so cute!
great idea with the mini-sessions!!
wish you lived closer!