Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Dental Appointment

This morning we took the girls in for their very first dental appointment.  I am ashamed to admit that Aiyana is four and we have not taken her to the dentist yet, but we have been diligent about brushing Aiyana & Clara's teeth every morning and night.  Our main concern for Aiyana has been her two front teeth.  Aiyana still sucks her fingers when she is sleepy and it has done some damage to her teeth.  She is trying to stop, but it's so comforting for her.

Here's Aiyana waiting to get x rays of her teeth.

...and Clara

Aiyana did excellent during her teeth cleaning.  She sat still, opened her mouth wide and she never cried.  I am so proud of her.

Gotta love how daddy's mouth is open in this picture too :o)

Clara on the other hand...

...she HATED the light.  Even after the light was omitted, she couldn't sit still long enough for any thorough cleaning to take place.  They managed to get her front teeth polished and that was about it.  I'm glad it was more of a "focusing" issue than a "being scared" issue because at least it wasn't a traumatizing experience for her.  She preferred to lick and taste the polishing paste over letting it be rubbed onto her teeth.

Here she is thinking "This doesn't taste like bubble gum?!?"... Her face cracks me up in this picture.

Over all the visit was a success and both girls have very healthy teeth.  No cavities and Aiyana's two front teeth will be ok. Yay!

After the dentist, we headed over to a kid's resale store and bought some winter clothes for Aiyana.  Nordstrom footie p.j.'s, Dora p.j.'s, a Baby Gap shirt, two cotton play shirts and two pair of cotton pants all for $25.  I love that store and what makes it even better is that they have a play house for the kids to play in while I shop... LOVE it.


brenda hatch said...

Brody was not a fan of his first appt! I love consignment and thrift stores!

brenda hatch said...

Brody was not a fan of his first appt! He was "scared" too. Argh! I love consignment and thrift stores!

tbsomeday said...

ah, the dentist
it's like our second home
we've been there 1 million and three times already :(
dessa loved it as a little girl--she even faked a toothache once to go back, lol

glad the girls checked out well!
great deal on the clothes