Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dr. Buchhalter's Going Away Party

In the EEG Department at Phoenix Children's Hospital, two other people have announced their departure after I did... Dr. Buchhalter (our Chief Epileptologist) and Esperanza Wagner (our epilepsy monitoring unit Technologist).  Dr. Buchhalter will be greatly missed.  He came from Mayo, in Rochester, to build up the PCH neurodiagnostic department and he really made it what it is today.  He did an amazing job with our epilepsy unit and helped build what is now a cutting edge neuro department. Dr. Buchhalter wore a bow tie to work every day and we sure will miss seeing his bow ties.

Me with a coworker, Terry Munoz, and her husband Leo

Waiting for everyone to arrive...

Dr. Williams, Dr. Buchhalter, Amy & I

All of the techs with Dr. B 
L to R: Esperanza, Amy, Me, Dr. B, Yvette, Mary, Geri, Nancy, Terry & Zack (missing Amber Lee)

All of us with our new Chief Epileptologist (Dr. Kerrigan) including Dr. Kaplan & Dr. Williams

Amy, my boss Mary & I

Esperanza & I

Dr. B & I

Dr. B & Esperanza

Salsa Dancing - Terry & Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams trying to get Dr. B to dance...

This was a super fun party and it made me think about how lucky I am to have such great people to work with... What a fun bunch.

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tbsomeday said...

I didn't know Esperanza was leaving too.

What great pictures
and such fun people!!
I'm sure a party like that makes leaving a touch bittersweet...