Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 3 - The QC

On Saturday we arranged for my mom's family to get together at Happy Joe's Pizza Parlor in Davenport. Happy Joe's is one of my "must do's" when I am back home visiting.  My mom's side of the family has had a rough couple of years dealing with my grandma's illness and I really wanted to see as much of them as possible during this trip since I am not sure when I will be able to make it back again. I wont be doing as much traveling after I go down to per diem at PCH in a few weeks. We probably wont have the money for me to make a trip back to Iowa two times a year like I've been able to do in the past. 

I thought it was cute how Aiyana was laying on the bed watching cartoons on the ipod while my mom and I got ready to go to Happy Joe's. The way her legs were tucked under her, it reminded me of the poses I try to get the little babies into when I am doing a newborn photography session.

Before we headed to Happy Joe's, we swung by my first childhood home... well the first one I remember anyway.  I lived in another house before this one, but I was a baby.  The mid-west has been very dry this year so many of the yards were brown.  I was pretty disappointed since I yearn to see the green grass when I go back to the midwest. In any case... 

1919 West 54th Street...

My room was the window on the far left when you face the house.  The owners offered to let us inside, but I didn't want to intrude.

Here's the backyard.  That tree makes me smile :o).  I remember that tree so vividly.

Aiyana sitting on the same green porch steps that I sat on for many years. I love this picture.

Happy Joe's Pizza... and they even serve gluten free now... YAY!

Is he not just stinkin cute?  This is my cousin Britani's son, Jager.

Britani's son, Konrad... cutie pa-too-tee...

The boys together...

My aunt Tracie, cousin Britani, Britani's kids and my cousin Brigett and her daughter met us at the pizza joint and we had a lot of fun catching up and watching the kids play.

From L to R: Jager, Konrad, Aiyana, Teagan (my cousin Brianna's daughter) & Ahmi

Aiyana and I inside the climbing tubes.

Brigett's daughter Anika. I think Anika and Clara look a lot alike.

Saturday evening my mom watched Aiyana while I met up with some friends. The following pictures were taken on my old Panasonic camera... it's just not the same as my new camera, but I didn't feel like lugging the new one around all night.  

L to R: Me, Karri, Tabby & Robin

...and we went to, none-other-than, The Phoenix for dinner.  How fitting, right?  This was my favorite part of the night.  I loved our stories, our laughter and simply being able to catch up with some good friends.  I love my Iowa friends... I wish I could move them here :o)

Tabby & I

Karri & I

Mechell & I

and Robin & I

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tbsomeday said...

i feel famous now that i made your post :)

LOVE the steps picture too!
awesome that you got to go back and get that
sorry about the grass--we hate it too :(

cousins are just adorable!!
and gluten free--woohoo!

night out was a great time
so good to see you again
you look fabulous!
wish we could move there too! at least over the winter ;)