Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 1 - Chicago

We arrived in Chicago on Wednesday evening and spent a couple of hours visiting with Alisa and Joey before we crashed for the night. On Thursday morning we headed straight for St. Charles to visit my Nana.  When we arrived at Nana's room, she was sleeping.  It was sweet watching her sleep so soundly.  We didn't wake her right away, but after waiting for a 1/2 hour we decided that we better get her up so we could take her out for lunch.  She woke happy and she was super happy to see her great granddaughter Aiyana.  Aiyana was eager to say hi to her "Big Nana".

It's so hard for me to watch my mom hold my grandma's hand.  I mean... it's definitely sweet, but it is also a reminder that my super independent Nana is no longer able to take care of herself.  I know that it has been this way for a while now, but each time I visit... the reality of it all sinks in further.  In any case... I really like the photo below.

We took Nana to get some lunch and then headed to the river to feed the ducks some of our left over french fries.  Aiyana LOVED this idea; however, Big Nana was less than thrilled about Aiyana being so close to the water.  I swear when the little ones come around, or when music is being played, it's like my grandma is temporarily the grandma that I always knew.

My Nana keeping an eye on Aiyana :o)


Nana enjoyed watching Aiyana play with the Leggos...

Nana wanted to braid Aiyana's hair and she did a really good job doing it.

Four Generations

Love this...

After our visit with Nana, we headed to Whole Foods so I could pick up some gluten free food for the weekend.  Here's a view of the city from the Whole Foods downtown.

Back at Alisa and Joey's apartment and enjoying the view from their patio.

Looking up Michigan Avenue

View of Lake Michigan

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tbsomeday said...

Great pictures!!
Glad you had such a wonderful visit and Aiyana got to come along.
What very special memories for all of you!