Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I Accomplished this Weekend

We didn't have much of anything planned this weekend, but we sure got a lot accomplished and accomplishment feels great. Friday, when I got home from work, I finished up the front yard work that I couldn't complete after work on Wednesday because of a dust storm that snuck up on us.  It was 110 outside on Friday evening, but I didn't care... I wanted it done.  So I suffered a bit on Saturday feeling pretty sore and very run down all day.  I don't feel right about it, but I really want to pull some of the lush bushes out of our yard and switch to desert plants that won't need pruning (i.e. cactus).  These bushes look nice when they are pruned, but they get unsightly very quickly.  The bush in the front of the picture gets pretty little purple blooms, the one on the left grows vibrant yellow blooms, the one in front of the two tall bushes (by the house) gets dainty little white blooms and the two bushes that are trimmed into trees get beautiful orange bell shaped blooms.  It all looks wonderful when everything is in bloom, but the maintenance leaves something to be desired.
My lovely neighbor, despite all of the crazy stuff going on in his life, was able to help me finish off the indoor studio/stage set-up I've created by hemming and ruffling the skirt material that I cut for the edges of the stage. Doesn't it look great? This platform serves so many purposes for the girls.  They love to use it for some of their toys that require flat surfaces and they also like to put together their puzzles on it.  As for me, I have had a total of 4 indoor photo sessions using this stage and I have two coming up this weekend that I am super excited about. I ordered three new backdrops and I am having so much fun creating beautiful photos for my clients.
On Saturday morning, we woke up and took the girls to a splash pad for some good ol' free entertainment.  It was a lot of fun and the girls, of course, had a blast.  I didn't bring my camera... Can you believe that? I got a few pictures with my phone, but I was too lazy to upload them.  If you want a visual see THIS POST from a past splash pad trip. 
Dana and I swapped computer spaces, we have been wanting to do this for quite some time.  Dana wanted more space and privacy for tax work and I wanted to be in a room where I could keep a better eye on the girls, especially when I will be at home during the day.  So I now reside in the kitchen/dinning area.  I need a new computer chair, but that's about it.  I can now run two computers simultaneously and this allows me to get my photo editing done more efficiently. My regular PC doesn't have internet access in this new spot so it forces me to use my MAC wi-fi more often.  That's good for me because eventually I need to weed out my old PC and old editing software and start using my Adobe Photoshop on my MAC only.  My only hesitation is that I am so fast at the other editing software.  I dislike change :o/, but I do like my new space and there are no limits to what I can do with Photoshop editing.

I'll leave you with two videos of our little Clara pigging out at the dinner table tonight.  She made us laugh.  I wish I would have caught all of her antics on video, but I didn't pull out my camera soon enough.  She was lapping up her spaghetti, out of her bowl, for a long time before I caught the last few seconds of her doing it.  Her gold chain and spaghetti face crack me up.  Oh, and the house is a disaster in the background... We were home all weekend... remember? :o)

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